Friday, March 18, 2016

The End of the 2001 Stadium Club Box!

It's finally time to crack open the last pack from Christmas 2015.  It's always a bittersweet moment when that final new pack is ripped open...but it's also about time seeing as how we are now in mid-March!  This is the twelfth and final pack out of my 2001 Topps Stadium Club box.  Let's see if we can add a few more cards to my set!

Pack 12:
16.  Andruw Jones
30.  Derek Jeter - Needed it!

No real surprise that I have never acquired this Jeter in a trade.  It's a pretty cool image!
39.  Garret Anderson
68.  Brian Jordan
134.  Derrek Lee
141.  Greg Vaughn
144.  Denny Hocking
146.  Carlos Beltran
152.  Adam Johnson
159.  Scott Thorman
164.  Rocco Baldelli
174.  Mike Glendenning - Needed it!

Sweet, another new card for me.  I'll happily take Glendenning - perhaps the only time in history that that particular phrase has been uttered!
181.  Adam Everett - Needed it!

Two in a row!
182.  Alfonso Soriano
185.  Chin-Feng Chen
198.  Wilson Betemit
Diamond Pearls:  DP11.  Frank Thomas

And if you care, the ruined card was #38, Roger Cedeno.  

That completes my box!  For the most part I'm happy, though I am a bit sad about the expired redemption...and perhaps just as sad about only pulling one card #117 (Marquis Grissom) which I need for my set but that was damaged by a Diamond Pearls insert.  At this point, I'm only missing the aforementioned Grissom plus a few of the high numbered cards.  I managed to put a huge dent in the want list (which was the original goal of course)!  I've also got a big 'ol stack of extra 2001 Stadium Club now, so if you are interested let me know!


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