Friday, April 08, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 440: 1997 Pacific Prisms - #93

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Pacific Prisms
Card number:  93

I am the record as saying that I definitely miss pretty much all things about Pacific, especially late 90s Pacific.  Those sets were crazy - you never knew what you'd get...and this Prism set is a perfect example of the craziness that defined Pacific.  Unfortunately, I can't say that this is my favorite design ever - but it works because of the clear window at the bottom of the card which houses Larkin's head.  For some reason, that small design element always intrigued me...and it made this set a winner in my book (even if it's objectively quite ugly to look at).  If I could ever find an unopened box of Pacific anywhere, I'd definitely buy it - how can you not have fun when cards look like this?!


Scott Sawyer said...

I share your love of a random unopened late 90's Pacific box.

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