Saturday, April 09, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 441: 1997 Topps Finest - #323

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Topps Finest
Subset:  Power (uncommon)
Card number:  323

The 1997 Topps Finest set has different tiers of rarity - Larkin's card ended up an uncommon (1 in every 4 packs).  There is also a refractor parallel out there of this Larkin card (considered "tough,", seeded 1 in 48 packs).  In addition to the Power subset card, Larkin also has a common (bronze) card and a rare (gold) base card in the set (and each of those have a refractor parallel as well).  As of the time of this writing, the Power version that you see above is the only card that I own from the 1997 Finest set...obviously I have some work to do for this set!

As for the card itself, I hate the protective coating...and yet I'm too anal to actually take the plastic wrap off the card.  The front design certainly has elements of "power" to it - there's a storm brewing in the background of the card!  The back continues the power trend, though it's much brighter and less stormy looking!

Overall, it's a decent card - certainly one that I think would look really nice as a refractor.  Who knows, maybe I'll track that version down some day!


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