Sunday, April 24, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 445: 2001 Topps Heritage - #283

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001
Brand:  Topps Heritage
Card number:  283

In 2001, Topps Heritage mimicked the legendary 1952 Topps set - and it did it very well (despite not maintaining the original's larger size of card).  The 2001 Heritage set is probably one of the more famous sets of the past couple of decades - in many ways it can be considered the set that started the "retro" craze which is still going strong now with the likes of Heritage (still), Gypsy Queen, the revival of all those Donruss brands by Panini, etc.

As for Larkin, he only got a single base card in the 2001 Heritage set (Larkin was left out of the Chrome set for some reason).  The good news for Larkin collectors is that this card is not short printed - everyone knows what a pain Heritage short prints are so it's a good thing Larkin avoided the "SP" tag.

The card itself is nice enough, you don't get a lot of Reds' spring training photos but that's what Larkin's photo looks like.  The back of the card is a nod to the '52 design, it's somewhat bare bones compared to modern cards but it was jarring in its "different look" back in 2001.

It's unfortunate that Topps has bascially milked the '52 set for all it is worth in the time since the 2001 Heritage release.  While I used to love the design of the '52 set (who didn't), I can honestly say the design is played out for me.  I have no desire to go back and actually try to collect the 2001 Heritage set (which is probably just as well since boxes of the stuff are pretty expensive these days)!  All that said, this is still one of the classiest looking Barry Larkin cards in my collection!


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