Saturday, April 30, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 447: 1995 Score - #254 - Platinum Team Set Parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Score
Parallel set:  Platinum Team Set
Card number:  254

The 1995 Score Platinum Team Sets were available to collectors who collected all of the Gold Rush cards of a particular team.  Rather than trying to explain the entire process, I'll let baseballcardpedia take over...

"As part of a promotion, hobbyists who collect all the Gold Rush cards of a particular team in a particular series could then mail in those cards along with a platinum redemption card, which was seeded at the rate of 1:36/packs. In return, the collector would receive a complete Platinum Team Set, and all their Gold Rush cards back. Some of the returned Gold Rush cards came back with holes punched in the shape of the Pinnacle logo. Most did not. It's assumed that Pinnacle was overwhelmed at the number of redemptions and quit punching holes to expedite the process. No Series Two punched Gold Rush cards have been found.
There have been examples of the holes being punched in the lower right hand corner (more common) and in the upper left hand corner with the Pinnacle logo being flipped upside down (less common).
The Platinum Team Set cards are similar to the gold cards except they have sparkling platinum-foil fronts and come in a factory-sealed baggie. The top card is the certificate for the team set. Only 4950 of each platinum team set was produced.
Platinum cards for the checklists do not exist."  -baseballcardpedia

For me, I'm obviously interested in the Barry Larkin card - and sets like this are often tough to track down a specific player from (especially when that player is a star player).  The card doesn't actually look quite as bad as it might appear in the scan...but it still does look a bit like a fairy threw up on the card.  All that said, I'm certainly happy to have this card in my collection!  For comparison, here is the regular Larkin base card from the 1995 set...I think the fairy vomit card might actually be better!


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