Monday, May 30, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 11 & 12 - In Which I Pull a Fresh Ink Autograph (1:144 packs!)

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  I hope you had a fun day filled with family (and perhaps some good grilled food as unofficially welcome in summer 2016)!

I don't have any grilled hot dogs to share with you tonight, but I do have another couple of packs out of the 2000 Fleer Tradition box.  That's something, right?  It's the thought that counts.  Also, at the conclusion of today's post, I'll be one-third of the way through the box.  Hard to believe it!

Pack 11:
6.  League Leaders (Walker, Gonzalez, Abreu)
99.  Luis Gonzalez
115.  Kevin Brown
154.  Ivan Rodriguez
180.  Kevin Appier
245.  Kenny Lofton
322.  Twins team card

What do we think?  Should team cards exist in a set of baseball cards?  
394.  Tony Batista
432.  Homer Bush
Who to Watch:  10.  Randy Wolf

Not a bad pack, and it yielded another Who to Watch card that I didn't previously own.

Pack 12:
71.  Jim Edmonds
90.  Blue Jays team card
95.  Johnny Damon
127.  Indians team card
170.  Jay Buhner
175.  Todd Helton
212.  Warren Morris
213.  Padres team card
373.  Jose Offerman
Fresh Ink:  Ed Yarnall

Woah!  I was definitely NOT expecting to pull an autograph out of this box (Fresh Ink autos are seeded 1:144 packs)!  Now, I have to admit that Ed Yarnall is not exactly the ideal name to pull an autograph of (I had to look him up, he pitched for the Yankees for parts of two years).  Even so, it's always a thrill to pull a totally unexpected card like that.  

And yes, if you are interested Yarnall is up for trade.


Tim B. said...

Congrats on the auto pull! I love that Yankee Stadium is in the backdrop!

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