Friday, May 27, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 7 & 8 - A Card for Night Owl?

Happy weekend, everyone!  There's not a much better way to celebrate the end of the week than by opening up some packs of baseball cards, am I right?  I'm getting the weekend started on a good note with some more 2000 Fleer Tradition packs.

Pack 7:
86.  Ryan Rupe

When I read the back of this card, I thought it was really sad that 8 wins was the second highest wins total for a pitcher on the 1999 Rays team.  Then I remembered my Reds' team this year and I thought I'd probably be happy with a 9 game winner.  Oof.
99.  Luis Gonzalez
129.  Frank Thomas
130.  Neifi Perez
289.  Chuck Finley
358.  Jim Thome
362.  Marty Cordova
369.  Yankees team card
396.  Braves prospects (Randall Simon and Dave Cortes)
448.  Postseason Recap:  Yankees and Braves (World Series Game 2)

I suppose this card should go off to Night Owl if he doesn't yet own sure looks like a night card to me.  Let me know, N.O.!

Pack 8:
129.  Frank Thomas

A nice card...thought not quite so nice since I pulled the same card in the previous pack.
139.  Jason Phillips
142.  Charles Johnson
205.  Henry Rodriguez
226.  Rolando Arrojo
239.  Garret Anderson
254.  Eli Marrero
306.  Roberto Alomar
429.  Russ Davis
Dividends:  8.  Sammy Sosa

It had been awhile since I pulled an insert card!  It's actually kind of refreshing to have a set where inserts actually feel special, rather than most modern sets where it seems the inserts sometimes outnumber the base cards (Topps flagship, I'm looking at you).

I'll have plenty more from this box in upcoming days, that's for sure.  I'm also working on sorting through yet another year's worth of cards - I'm hopeful that will be done soon as well (and you'll see the results here on my blog).


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