Saturday, May 28, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 9 & 10 - Another Cal Ripken Box Hit!

I hope everyone had a great Saturday.  I aim to make my day end on a high note with another pair of Fleer Tradition packs from the year 2K.

Pack 9:
124.  Edwards Guzman
164.  Chipper Jones

I wasn't ever a big Chipper fan since I hated the Braves in the 90s...but now that he's retired I can respect his game.
182.  Tom Davey
189.  Doug Mientkiewicz
192.  Tom Glavine
228. Rafael Palmeiro
286.  Jason Varitek
287.  Harold Baines
343.  Vladimir Guerrero
Cal Ripken Collection  6.  Cal Ripken Jr.

The design for this card is from the 1981 Fleer MLB set - a set that I do know (as opposed to the previous Ripken card that I pulled that was based on an old NBA set design).  This is the second card from the Ripken Collection from the box (and since they are seeded 1:30 packs, I wouldn't expect another)!

Pack 10:
40.  Matt Williams
43.  Denny Neagle
66.  Stan Spencer
107.  Mike Liberthal
129.  Frank Thomas
277.  Sean Casey
368.  David Segui
423.  Scott Rolen
450.  Postseason recap:  Braves and Yankees (World Series Game 4)
Who to Watch:  14.  Vernon Wells

I kind of like the die-cut Who to Watch cards.  It's interesting to look back and see which players panned out and which did not.

I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the 2000 Fleer Tradition set?  It's a set that I don't see mentioned on the blogs much (ever?).  For me, I like it a lot, even if it is a rip-off of old Topps' sets!


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