Monday, May 02, 2016

Delivery Time! Ryan Sends More Customs - Plus Other Great Stuff!

About half a semester ago, I received a nice package of cards and other goodies from Ryan - a person many of you might know because of his awesome custom cards.  I "met" Ryan a few years ago because of this blog (we completed a few baseball card trades back in the day) and then he invited me to be part of his fantasy baseball league - a league that I still belong to to this day!  The league is called SloCon, for reasons that I don't exactly know...but that's ok.  As the commissioner, Ryan does a great job of keeping the league active, fun, and (mostly) happy - though with 16 competitive managers in the league I know Ryan has his hands full.  One of the neat things about Ryan's leadership is that he loves to surprise league members with some sort of SloCon related "memorabilia" each year.

One year, it was custom cards.  Another year it was t-shirts.  This year?  A pretty sweet water bottle complete with the SloCon logo.

That's right, my fantasy baseball league has a logo.  Drink that up.

As I mentioned already, Ryan is probably best known around the blogosphere for his custom cards - and he has been awfully generous over the years with providing me with a big pile in order to disseminate with the various trades that I complete.  The latest trade package from Ryan completely restocked my custom card supply...

...if you complete a trade with me in the upcoming days, weeks, or possibly even months, be on the lookout for some of Ryan's sweet custom cards.

Speaking of custom cards, it's not every day that you get your own signature in the mail.

I'm partial to Ryan's Allen & Ginter inspired minis, but I have to admit that his take on late 80s Fleer is spot on as well.  In addition to my own signature returning to me, Ryan also sent along a few other autos including his plus some mascots.  Pretty cool stuff!

If Allen & Ginter and Fleer weren't enough, Ryan has also started to dabble in creating some old Piedmont Cigarette inspired cards.  He gave me a smattering of them as well - some artificially aged and some not.

I'll forever prefer the Ginter minis but I can say that the Piedmonts are pretty cool as well.

About a week or so after that package from Ryan arrived, I was actually able to meet Ryan in person which turned out to be a lot of fun.  We ended up going to the PA Grand Canyon (it's fairly close to where I live) and then we mostly talked baseball and baseball cards.  In between all that though, Ryan brought his pitching machine along which we took to a local field and did a little batting practice.  As you know, Ryan's custom cards have his bat company logo on the back of them...and I can now say that I'm a proud owner of one of Ryan's customized wooden bats!

I was even able to use the bat during our batting practice session - no home runs on my part (I think it had been about 15 years since I had hit a baseball), but it was still a lot of fun!

Many thanks for the great box of cards/water bottle, the aweome bat, and the fun visit Ryan!  As for anyone else, I'm always up for trading...and now I've got a bunch of great minis to throw in as a bonus of sorts!  Check out my want list and make an offer!


Tony Burbs said...

Woah - those Piedmonts are phenomenal; what a cool concept!

defgav said...

Great stuff all around!

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