Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More 2000 Fleer Tradition Including a Cal Ripken Jr. Box Hit

Another day, another round of meetings, and now another couple of packs from 2000 Fleer Tradition.  Seems like deja vu all over again, doesn't it?

Pack 3:
76.  Bobby Higginson
110.  Ryan Klesko
149.  Octavio Dotel
187.  Bruce Aven
271.  Atlanta Braves team card
276.  Travis Lee
327.  Pokey Reese

First Red of the box!
373.  Jose Offerman
438.  Award winner:  Randy Johnson
Cal Ripken Collection:  3.  Cal Ripken Jr.

According to the card back, the design of this particular card is taken from the 1961-62 Fleer NBA set.  I like that Fleer "cited" the card design, especially since I know basically zero about basketball cards (from any era).  It should also be noted that the Cal Ripken Collection cards are seeded 1:30 packs, meaning this is a pretty much a box hit (36 packs in a box leaves the possibility of pulling a second Ripken card I suppose).

Pack 4:
3.  League Leaders (Ramirez, Palmeiro, Griffey Jr.)

I like the look of the League Leaders cards in this set.
33.  Bo Porter
48.  Orlando Hernandez
110.  Ryan Klesko
Weird, he was in Pack #3 as well.  I don't like pulling duplicates this early in the box!!
115.  Kevin Brown
209.  Matt Lawton
316.  Ed Sprague
330.  Darren Dreifort
376.  Masao Kida
Who to Watch:  2.  Matt Riley

Overall, I needed 7 of the cards from the two packs shown in this post (including one of the Ryan Klesko cards).  Will I be able to finish off the entire base set thanks to this box?  I honestly have no idea...but I'd like to think I will!


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