Friday, May 20, 2016

Theme Week: Completed Set Week - 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game - Dodgers Greats Insert Set

Today marks the final day that I'll be showcasing a set that Dennis (from Too Many Verlanders) helped me to complete.  To end things from that awesome trade package, we go back to 2006 where we look the Fleer Greats of the Game set.

Specifically, today's complete set is an insert set called Dodgers Greats.


Like many modern Topps set, this set is "numbered" with letters instead of numbers (which drives me bonkers).  Alphabetically speaking, the set begins with card CA (Roy Campanella).


The final card (again alphabetically) is card SS, Steve Sax.  This also happened to be the card that Dennis set to complete my set...making this a true Omega card in my collection!

Card Design:

This is an insert set that has both a relic parallel (replacing the team logo) and an autograph parallel (stickers affixed to the bottom portion of the card).  As such, it's actually a pretty solid design when you have the "regular" version without any fancy bits of cloth or scribbled signatures.  I like the view of Dodgers' Stadium in the background of the name plate area - it's a small touch that works well.


At only ten cards, you would think this would be an easy set to collect...but there are similar sets for the Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Tigers, and Reds...and you only get one such insert per pack.  Oh yeah, there's also a nickname insert and a decade insert.  Put all that together, and you can probably see why I still haven't finished off all the various insert sets!  I have, however, finished off the Dodgers finally.


The Dodgers will never be my favorite team thanks to their time in the NL West with my Reds.  That said, this is a still a solid set...and the card design works for me despite the card being designed to hold autographs and/or bits of cloth.  I give the set a solid 8/10 overall.

The full checklist for the set is:
LAD-CA Roy Campanella
LAD-DB Dusty Baker
LAD-DD Don Drysdale
LAD-DS Don Sutton
LAD-JR Jackie Robinson
LAD-MW Maury Wills
LAD-PR Pee Wee Reese
LAD-RC Ron Cey
LAD-SG Steve Garvey
LAD-SS Steve Sax


night owl said...

Doesn't seem right that the Reds fan has the complete set while the Dodger fan is still missing the Pee Wee.

Scott Sawyer said...

Steve Sax instead of Lopes?

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