Thursday, May 19, 2016

Theme Week: Completed Set Week - 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter - Outlaws, Bandits, and All-Around Ne'er Do Wells Insert Set

It's time for another entry in this week's Theme Week:  Completed Set Week.  Once again, today's completed set is courtesy of Dennis over at Too Many Manninghams.  For today's set, we turn our attention to a small insert set from 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter:  Outlaws, Bandits, and All-Around Ne'er Do Wells.


The set begins with one of the most famous outlaws of all:  Robin Hood.  Although Robin Hood definitely has the reputation of being a "good" outlaw, he still fits in with the theme of the set quite well.  This also happened to be the last card that I acquired for the set (making it both the Alpha and the Omega I guess).


The final card of the set is Ned Kelly.  To be more accurate, the final card of the set if you only bought boxes of 2014 Allen & Ginter would be card number 10 (Ishikawa Goemon)...but Ned Kelly is card number 11.  For 2014, Topps thought it would be a good idea to release a total of six different mini cards that you could ONLY get by buying the Ultra Pro Allen & Ginter binder.  Needless to say, I'm not a fan of that plan...and I didn't buy the binder.  I happened to luck out and acquired this one via trade.

Card Design:

The front of each card has the same minimalist border design coupled with an over-sized banner holding the extraordinarily long set name.  On the backside, you get the same over-sized banner at the top and then a short paragraph describing the card's subject (or subjects in the case of Bonnie and Clyde).


First, the bad.  I HATE that you can't get the full set of this set simply by busting packs.  Hiding a "bonus" card for the set in some thing such as an overpriced binder is simply no good to me.  On the other hand, this set does have a lot of good things going for it.  It's got a great theme (one that works well within the Allen & Ginter universe) and the design is solid.  Furthermore, the card backs are wonderful in that you get a lot of information in a little bit of space.


This would have been a 10/10 set if it weren't for the eleventh card being almost impossible to track down.  As it stands, I cannot reward Topps for the money grab and I'll dock the set three points accordingly.  My overall score:  7/10.

For those wondering about the checklist, here's the full eleven card checklist for the set:
OBA-01 Robin Hood
OBA-02 Jesse James
OBA-03 Billy the Kid
OBA-04 Butch Cassidy
OBA-05 Juro Janosik
OBA-06 Bonnie and Clyde
OBA-07 William Kidd
OBA-08 Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
OBA-09 Jean Lafitte
OBA-10 Ishikawa Goemon
OBA-11 Ned Kelly


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