Sunday, May 15, 2016

Theme Week: What Will the New Theme Be?

It's been quite some time since I last did a Theme Week here at Nachos Grande...but thanks to a recent envelope from Dennis (over at Too Many Verlanders) I now have the perfect excuse to start a new Theme Week!

So what's the theme?  How about:

Completed Set Week.

That's right.  Dennis recently made up a new month - so I'll make up a new Theme Week.  In his letter included with the trade package, Dennis wrote that he "recently made up Want List Awareness Month, where (he) help(s) folks knock some sets of 'most wanted' cards off their lists when they're a card or two short."

So I guess April is officially Want List Awareness Month - that's an idea I can certainly get behind so I thank Dennis for starting the awareness process!  Of course, it's not April anymore so rather than being aware of what once was on my want list, I'm going to spend this week taking a look at a wide variety of sets that are now complete in my collection - all thanks to a single trade package from Dennis.

However, before I can start that process, I need to show off a few other cards that Dennis included for me...even if they don't finish off any sets (or, for that matter, go with sets that I'm planning to ever collect).

First up, a smattering of stickers.

Topps may have had their bubblegum but I always thought Fleer's stickers were the best "free" inclusion in a pack of cards.  In fact, even though I'm no longer a kid, I still think I prefer the stickers to the other options (gum, puzzle pieces, etc.).  I should probably note that I'm really only "barely" an adult since I still collect baseball cards (and LEGO for that matter).

But I digress.  Moving on to other goodies from Dennis, he also sent along three autographs for my collection.

I'm not really a "random Reds" autograph collector, but I certainly won't refuse them when they are sent to me.

All of those goodies were undeniable cool, but the real prize of the package was all the sets that Dennis helped me finish off.  In total, there were actually SIX sets that Dennis finished off for me.

Which ones?  You'll have to wait for the Theme Week to progress to find out!


Dennis said...

Yay, theme week! You're the second to start posting Wantlist Awareness Month cards after Night Owl, and a few others should be joining in before long too.

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