Monday, June 06, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 21 & 22 - What'd I Get for my Wife's Birthday?

Today's post is going to be short and sweet since it's my wife's birthday.  I'm fairly certain she doesn't want me messing around with my baseball cards on her big day!

Let's see if I get anything good out of my 2000 Fleer Tradition box for my wife's birthday!

Pack 21:
31.  Bret Boone
78.  Rays prospects (Steve Cox and Alex Sanchez)
128.  Benito Santiago
212.  Warren Morris
227.   Ruben Mateo
398.  Sidney Ponson
400.  Mark McGwire
402.  Chad Allen
409.  Wally Joyner
Dividends:  2.  Ben Grieve

That's a pretty nice Dividends card, even if Ben Grieve never came close to living up to his hype back in the day.

Pack 22:
60.  Brewers team
61.  Derrek Lee
88.  Jose Cruz, Jr.
160.  Mike Caruso
265.  Miguel Del Toro
297.  Gary Sheffield
374.  Sammy Sosa
388.  Angels team
397.  Gregg Olson
Who to Watch: 6.  Peter Bergeron

Well, that wasn't the most exciting pair of packs, now was it?  Let's hope my wife has a better birthday than this!


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