Saturday, June 11, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 29 & 30 - Tony Gwynn Shows Up

This is my 15th post (with two packs per post) for my box of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  While I enjoy the slower pace since it helps me keep things sorted as I go (and it allows me more time to enjoy each and every base card), it does make it a bit difficult to come up with something interesting to write in the preamble to the post.  Does this suffice for today?  It'll have to, on to the packs!

Pack 29:
99.  Luis Gonzalez
105.  Rey Ordonez
185.  Jim Parque
287.  Harold Baines
295.  Billy Wagner
298.  Fernando Seguignol
343.  Vladimir Guerrero
346.  Tony Gwynn

A nice card of Gwynn.
419.  Al Leiter
Who to Watch:  6.  Peter Bergeron

I already pulled this card earlier in the box - booooooo!

Pack 30:
26.  Juan Gonzalez
90.  Blue Jays team
105.  Rey Ordonez
255.  Reds team

The 1999 Reds went 96-67 and were lead with by Sean Casey and his .332 batting average.  Danny Graves posted 27 saves to lead the bullpen.
267.  Giants team
327.  Pokey Reese
328.  Jaret Wright
383.  Scott Sauerbeck
415.  Jermaine Dye
450.  Yankees / Braves:  World Series Game 4

Only six packs remain in the box.  I'm getting anxious to see just exactly how close I am to the full set!


Adam Sanders said...

That 99 Reds card is great.

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