Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Pack 33 & 34 - The Penultimate Post!

It's here, the penultimate pack ripping post for my 2000 Fleer Tradition box.  I hope you have all enjoyed the process as much as I have...even if it got a bit drug out on the blog (I busted the majority of the packs over a two week time period - but I spread the posts out so as not to cause Tradition fatigue).

Enough chatting, let's rip!

Pack 33:
23.  Gary Bennett
44.  Omar Vizquel
65.  Doug Glanville
230.  Dodgers prospects (Eric Gagne and Jeff Williams)
257.  Darin Erstad
332.  Expos prospects (Tony Armas, Jr. and Peter Bergeron)
351.  Reds prospects (Jason LaRue and Travis Dawkins)

LaRue was a decent catcher for some time...until Johnny Cueto kicked him in the head during a Reds/Cardinals brawl.
387.  Todd Zeile
421.  A.J. Hinch
Who to Watch:  11.  Ben Davis
I just pulled that same Davis card a post or two ago so I didn't bother scanning this copy (trust me, it looks just like the last one I pulled).

Pack 34:
3.  AL HR Leaders (Manny Ramirez, Rafael Palmeiro, Ken Grifey Jr.)
22.  Scott Brosius
119.  John Olerud
179.  Dodgers team
215.  Troy Percival
217.  Carlos Lee
239.  Garret Anderson
274.  Troy O'Leary
375.  Sandy Alomar, Jr.
Who to Watch:  9.  Alfonso Soriano

We finish the post with another Who to Watch card.  Only two packs remain now!


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