Saturday, June 25, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 457: 1997 Donruss - #17 - Dominators Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Donruss
Insert set:  Dominators
Card number:  17

The Dominators insert set was seeded in Donruss Update packs, which was basically Donruss Series 2 (and not an update set like we often think of with Topps).  As such, I'm lumping Donruss and Donruss Update into the same general set (1997 Donruss) since the cards are all numbered in order.

Turning our attention away from my slight baseball card categorizing OCD and to the Larkin card's, in a word, blah.

I don't care for the border - I don't really care for the image (is Larkin golfing on that swing?) and I definitely don't like the hard-to-read foil.  The set name of Dominators is stupid, so is giving me one year's worth of statistics on the back.

I'm glad to have the card for my collection, but I can't say I have any desire to track down any of the other 19 cards in the insert set.


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