Sunday, June 12, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Panini Diamond Kings: The Pack with a Card #4/5!

I'm taking a (very) short break from basement remodeling in order to write up another pack's worth of contents from our 2016 Panini Diamond Kings box for the group break.  This pack is pretty exciting in that we pull a card numbered out of only 5!

Pack 2:
115.  Noah Syndergaard - Mets
119.  Corey Kluber - Indians
51.  Adam Jones - Orioles
54. Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers
154.  Kaleb Cowart - Angels
158.  Zach Davies - Brewers

Expressionists:  E14.  Justin Upton - Padres
That's quite the expression, Mr. Upton.  According to the card back, Justin is flexing his muscles.
Green framed parallel:  75.  Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins (#4/5)

Wow!!  The numbering is right above the name plate - a bit hard to make out at first but you should be able to see it if you look closely.

That's an awesome pull - and certainly a good way to end any pack!  A huge congrats goes out to BMan who I'm guessing wasn't thrilled with getting "stuck" with the Marlins as his random least until now!

Two packs in and this box has already been pretty good to us.  Let's hope it continues.  I should also mention that the Diamond Kings set has some variation cards in it - so when you get your cards in the mail, do a double check to see if you pulled any (I wasn't aware of the variations at the time of the opening of the packs - and so I didn't check for them).


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