Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Panini Diamond Kings: An Expos Sighting!

Prior to this post, we only have four packs remaining in our 2016 Panini Diamond Kings group break box.  My plan is to finish posting all four packs before today is over.  Then, I'll be able to move on to the next box in the group break!

Before we start worrying about our next box though, let's focus on this box.  We still have one more hit lurking - will we find it this morning?

Pack 9:

59.  Bryce Harper - Nationals
133.  Jung-Ho Kang - Pirates
81.  Jose Abreu - White Sox
89.  Michael Brantley - Indians
21.  Ted Williams - Red Sox
176.  Elias Diaz - Pirates
178.  John Lamb - Reds
Heritage Collection:  HC14.  Tim Raines - Expos (Nationals slot)

Another nice looking Heritage Collection insert.  This pack also had the first Reds card out of the box...I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get shut out completely (my random team is the Blue Jays who have also yet to receive a card from the box)!


Tony L. said...

Diamond Kings feels like an unlicensed, cheaper Museum Collection without the hits. That's not a bad thing, to be honest. I like the card stock for the DK as well.

I'm just glad that there aren't the 840,000 parallels a la 2004 Donruss DK.

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