Saturday, June 11, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Panini Donruss: The Cal Ripken & George Brett Show

We have nearly made it to the end of the first group break box:  2016 Panini Donruss.  I am writing the posts a bit ahead of schedule at the moment...but still in "real time" so to speak meaning that I will scan, write, and sort all cards from the 2016 Panini Donruss box before I move on to the next box.  Therefore, while I hope that by the time you read this post I'll have already started the process on the next box, at the actual time of my writing this post I have no idea what the future boxes will hold.

Does that make sense?  I hope so, because it confused me just to write it.

What isn't confusing is ripping packs (unless those packs are Bowman).  Let's get going.

Pack 19:
188.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
192.  Andres Galarraga - Expos
104.  Adam Eaton - White Sox
82.  Yadier Molina - Cardinals
88.  Jose Abreu - White Sox
Diamond Kings:  8.  Michael Brantley - Indians

Elite Dominator:  3.  Mike Trout - Angels (#527/999)

Aw yeah, another nice serially numbered beauty.   You can't complain about a Mike Trout card out of 999, now can you?
1982 Base:  35.  Jason Heyward - Cardinals

Another nice solid pack - almost every pack from the box has been fun to open (hit or no hit).

Pack 20:
195.  Checklist
166.  Michael Taylor - Nationals
170.  David Wright - Mets
101.  Ian Kinsler - Tigers
77.  Kole Calhoun - Angels
84.  David Ortiz - Red Sox
Masters of the Game:  10.  Cal Ripken - Orioles

1982 Base:  43.  George Brett - Royals

The more I see of those 1982 base cards, the more I want to actually collect that set for myself.  It's quite nice...and '82 is my birth year so that's something special too to me.


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