Thursday, June 16, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Topps Finest: Refractors are Tough to Spot for Me.

Earlier today, I showed off the contents of the first pack out of the 2016 Topps Finest group break box.  As is my custom, one pack a day isn't enough so let's keep going!

Pack 2:

14.  Buster Posey - Giants
27.  Ketel Marte - Mariners
57.  Wil Myers - Padres
93.  Christian Yelich - Marlins
Refractor:  81.  Mark Melancon - Pirates

When I did the video, I didn't realize that there were non-serially numbered refractors in the set.  I complained about duplicates then...but perhaps what I thought were base duplicates were actually refractors (Melancon is a card that will show up again).  Now that I have a better light shining on my card table, I do think this one is a refractor!


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