Thursday, June 09, 2016

Group Break: A Black Bordered Card #/99 Starts the Day off Right!

Good morning, and welcome to another group break post.  I'm still in the process of going through our hit-packed box of 2016 Panini Donruss.  We've already found one hit - and I told you there are there are still three more to go.  Stay tuned for those - but for now let's open two more packs!

Pack 7:
129.  Adrian Beltre - Rangers
125.  Jon Lester - Cubs
118.  Mookie Betts - Red Sox
159.  Maikel Franco - Phillies
154.  Stephen Strasburg
193.  Checklist
Masters of the Game:  MG-2.  Roger Clemens - Red Sox

1982 Base:  16.  Andrew McCutchen - Pirates

The Clemens card is kind of weird - it looks nothing like Clemens to me...but I can't be sure who it looks like.  The McCutchen on the other hand is pretty sweet.

Pack 8:
171.  Steven Matz - Mets
124.  Francisco Liriano - Pirates
132.  Eric Hosmer - Royals
47.  Josh Donaldson - Blue Jays
57.  Bryce Harper - Nationals
Pink parallel:  92.  Kendrys Morales - Royals

1982 Base:  25.  Jose Altuve - Astros

1982 Black Border:  28.  Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies  (#71/99)

This pack was packed (pun intended) with good stuff.  JediJeff ended up with the Rockies as his random team and I have to think that the Cargo card numbered out of 99 is a pretty consolation prize!  I'm a sucker for all things Altuve so you know I like that 1982 base card of his.  After all, I picked the Astros as my team to follow in 2016 (since my Reds were sure to be awful).  Unfortunately, the Astros haven't been all that great either...

What has been pretty great though is our box so far.  There's plenty more to come - including another three hits!  I'll have more soon.


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You can keep the Altuve if you want it.

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