Thursday, June 23, 2016

Group Break Update: Shipping Alert (And a Question About a FUTURE GROUP BREAK)!

For all group break participants, I am pleased to say that as of this past Tuesday, I have shipped EVERY package out.  I would expect that some of you might get your package today - and if not today, then certainly within the next couple of days or so.  

Thanks to everyone for joining in the break - whether as a participant or simply someone visiting my blog as I ripped through the four boxes.  I had a blast...and I'm already looking ahead to possibly doing another break before the summer is out.

The question is:  What would people be interested in me including in a group break?  Based on my schedule, I wouldn't be able to include any sets that are released after the first week of August or so...once college is back in session I'll be much too busy with my own work to be able to do a decent job with a group break.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Need More Cardboard said...

Got mine today! As I mentioned before, I'd like to see '13 Panini Pastime, '09 Topps Unique. Also shiny stuff like recent Topps Chrome or Bowman's Best from last year.

Jordan said...

recent Stadium Club, perhaps, which may or may not include the one that'll be out by the end of the month?
(also, just got mine in the mail today.)

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