Monday, June 27, 2016

Hoping to Make Some Cash (and Some Trades)?

I spent the better part of my afternoon putting my 2015 Topps Stadium Club set in a binder - and then I sorted through my duplicates and posted my full trade list on my blog.  I also decided to throw some of the "better" cards on eBay with the hopes of making a few bucks (find my listings here).

What cards did I list on eBay?  All of the following...feel free to bid if any interest you - and if you need any other cards from 2015 TSC, check out my Trade Bait page (includes plenty of other parallels and inserts as well)!

Carlos Baerga auto (link)
Triumvirate Lot of 2:  Bryce Harper & Anthony Rendon (link)

Foilboard Manny Machado #10/25 Parallel (link)

Black & White w/ Orange Foil:  Adrian Beltre (only 17 were made) (link)

Carlos Santana Members Only Case Hit (only 7 were made) (link)

I also listed a couple of non-Stadium Club cards that I had lying around...

Ken Griffey Jr. Heritage short print (link)

Joaquin Benoit Allen & Ginter No Number mini (link)

I put every starting bid quite low (most are 99 cents in fact) with the hopes of being able to raise a bit of quick cash.  Depending on how this round goes, I do have a few other cards that I may try to sell in the future.  As always, any support is appreciated!


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