Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Group Break Begins!

Today, I'm pleased to report that I am officially ready to begin my latest group break.  However, before I get to it, I want to remind everyone that I posted the second (random) team assignments yesterday (here).  If you want to trade teams, you can provided you do so before the end of today (Sunday).

Now, while I can't open up any of the boxes that you all signed up for (they haven't arrived in the mail yet), I can open up a bonus pack!  As usual, I like to add in some surprise extras in all my group breaks - it keeps things interesting (and it adds more total cards to the break which I think is a good thing).

In order to whet everyone's appetite for the group break, I've got a true wax pack of 1989 Donruss.

This pack contains 15 cards plus 3 puzzle pieces (Warren Spahn which goes to the Braves' stack).  I'll be adding in these cards to everyone's group break haul - so let's see what we get.

Chris Speier - Giants
Allan Anderson - Twins

Bill Doran - Astros
Jack Clark - Yankees

Pete Smith - Braves

Dave Parker - Athletics
John Moses - Twins
Bruce Ruffin - Phillies
Rick Cerone - Red Sox

Tony Armas - Angels
Steve Buechele - Rangers
Gary Pettis - Tigers
Shane Mack - Padres
Jesse Barfield - Blue Jays
Chris James - Phillies

Not exactly a star studded pack, but I doubt anyone will complain about free cards (and if you do complain, shame on you)!  In my opinion, the 1989 Donruss set is quite a bit better than most Donruss sets of that era, at least the fronts of the cards are colorful (and I'm always a sucker for the large team logo).

I can't wait for the "real" group break boxes to get here - but at least now we've officially begun our group break!  Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days!

PS:  I should note that I plan to record myself opening all the boxes and posting those videos on YouTube for everyone to see.  I (usually) don't produce or post videos of me opening up the bonus packs - it's not worth the upload time for one thing!


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