Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter - Box #3: Packs 9 - 12 (In Which We Find Hit #2)

After this post, we will be halfway through box #3 of my 2016 Allen & Ginter purchase.  As you'll see momentarily, the second hit lurks within the next four packs!

Box 3 - Packs 9 - 12:

Two more Numbers Game cards, two more base short prints (including a Trea Turner which is new to me I think).  The Numbers Game cards were of Matt Harvey and Willie McCovey, both of which I think I needed as well.

Sticking with the regular sized cards, I pulled a pair of Baseball Legends.  The Honus Wagner card is particularly nice if you ask me - it works within the old timey feel of Ginter!

My minis were also pretty good - three regular backs (but the Beltran is a short print) plus one insert - another nice Subways & Streetcars card.

For my money, the Subways & Streetcars is the early favorite for best mini set in 2016 Ginter.

And finally, the promised second hit of the box:

Yeah, that would probably mean more to me if I knew anything at all about racing.  I've never even heard of Ricky Craven before - but at least the relic isn't grey or white.

That's it for the first half of the box.  So far, it's been better than box #2 but still nowhere near the quality of the first box I opened.


Billy Kingsley said...

Craven is one of the few Maine natives to get to the top level of NASCAR. He was 1995 rookie of the year and won two Cup races including what at the time was the closest finish in history, .003 of a second or about 2 inches. I can't link a video on my phone but if you search 2003 Ricky craven Darlington win on YouTube you should find it with ease. He retired after 2006 and now broadcasts for ESPN. He was also one of if not the first to miss time for a concussion and in fact he got fired from the team this photo is from because he kept the injury from the team. They found out when he got a second concussion in 1998.

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