Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #3 - Ripping Eight Packs at Once!

It's a Saturday evening and I felt like ripping through a lot of Ginter, what can I say - it's a fun rip!  Anyhow, tonight I have the highlights from the next eight packs out of my Ginter box.

Box 3 - Packs 13 - 20:

Perhaps I should have used this box for Gint-a-Cuffs - that's all I could think when I pulled this Johnny Bench Baseball Legends card...

...and then shortly thereafter a Devin Mesoraco black bordered mini.  I also got a Steve Spurrier A&G back mini an four regular minis including a nice Altuve (my current favorite non-Reds player).

Keeping with the minis, we end the highlights of this group of eight packs with TWO mini inserts (bringing box 4's total up to 4 such mini inserts).  I got my second US Mayors card of the box - a mayor with a great last name I might add and another Ferocious Felines card.

Pretty good stuff there.  Unfortunately, I pulled a pair of duplicate Natural Wonders cards (I think all of my Natural Wonders cards from this box have been duplicates actually).  I also got the usual short prints and Numbers Game cards but I think most people are sick of seeing scans of those by now so I'll refrain.

More to come including (hopefully) my third and final hit of the box in the last four packs.


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