Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #4 - Packs 9 - 16: Streetcars, Relics, and Natural Wonders (oh my)

The first eight 2016 Allen & Ginter packs from my 4th box were quite good.  Can the next group of eight keep up the pace?

Box 4 - Packs 9 - 16:

This time, I landed a pair of new (to me) Natural Wonders cards.  The Cave of the Crystals card is particularly cool.

The minis were mostly regular backed though two of them were at least short prints (Darvish & Tom Murphy).  I landed a single A&G back and it happened to be another Red!

As for the mini inserts, I found two more including the second US Mayor card from the box and then another cool Subways and Streetcars mini.

And finally, the second hit of the box - and for non-baseball relics, I'd say this is a good one to get!

Pretty cool stuff.

The big question is now, where will Box #4 end up in the rankings of my boxes.  At the moment, the rankings look like this:
1.  Box #1 (Rip Card, Framed Relic, 2 regular Relics, Brooklyn mini)
2.  Box #3 (No number mini, 3 non-baseball relics)
3.  Box #2 (Framed Relic)

Currently, Box #4 is clearly better than #2 and it's probably already better than #3 as well (barring some sort of catastrophe in the final eight packs).  An amazing pull could put it ahead of Box #1 though...stay tuned to find out!


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