Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Does Rite Aid Have to Pay for that Advertisement?

There are only four packs remaining in my first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter - I won't waste time with a big preamble, let's get right to it.

Pack 21:

22.  Francisco Rodriguez
38.  David Peralta
60.  Devin Mesoraco
78.  Jose Berrios
224.  Gary Carter
265.  Felix Hernandez
The Numbers Game:  29.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

Reg. mini:  285.  Josh Donaldson

Pack 22:

8.  Denies Austin
Does Rite Aid have to pay for the "free" advertising or is it truly free for them?  Kind of a weird photo selection if you ask me (unless Austin has stock in Rite Aid or something).
18.  Kolton Wong
58.  Freddie Freeman
149.  Michael Brantley
253.  Ozzie Smith
The Numbers Game:  30.  Chipper Jones

Baseball Legends:  6.  Duke Snider

Reg. mini (short print):  348.  Trevor Plouffe

That's my second short printed mini card (regular version seeded 1:13 packs).  The two full-sized inserts are nice from the pack as well.  Good stuff - and only two packs remain in the box now!


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