Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: My 2nd Hit (plus So Many Dodgers - and a Duck Boat)!

In case you missed it, last night I found the first hit of the 2016 Allen & Ginter box.  Today, I hope to make even more progress in the box..and who knows, maybe I'll find hits #2 and #3!

Box 1 - Pack 7:

3.  Joey Gallo
30.  Curtis Granderson
96.  Jason Kipnis
220.  Matt Duffy
The Numbers Game:  2.  Mark McGwire

Mini:  US Mayors:  3.  Sam Liccardo

This is my second mini insert of the box (the other was also a US Mayors mini).  As I keep saying, I WANT ALL YOUR MINI INSERTS - so keep me in mind if you pull any you don't want!  I aim to complete the entire base set plus all the insert sets this year (both full sized and mini sized)!

Relic:  FSRB-YP.  Yasiel Puig

In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, I pulled a Dodgers' hit!  This one even has a bit of stitching removed for people who like that sort of thing...  Again, it's not a bad hit to get...though it isn't an autograph or framed hit (which is what I prefer).

That was a solid pack for sure!  Let's rip one more this morning because Ginter is so much fun!

Box 1 - Pack 8:

4.  Justin Verlander
84.  Robinson Cano
85.  Prince Fielder
222.  Nomar Mazara
249.  Paul McBeth
315.  Santiago Casilla

Baseball Legends:  24.  Sandy Koufax

Another Dodger...
Mini:  Subways & Streetcars:  6.  Duck Boat

WOOOO!  Another new mini series for me - my first from the Subways and Streetcars set (a set that I find way more interesting already as compared to the US Mayors mini set)!  As usual, here's my reminder that I WANT YOUR MINIS!

That was definitely a great way to start a Monday!  I'll (hopefully) have more Ginter for you later today...for now though, I'm going to enjoy what I've opened to date.


JoshSamBob said...

Love that Duck Boat card. Any chance you'd deal it? Also interested in the McGwire and Koufax cards. Thanks! (joshsbob @@@--@@@ g/ma..i''l)

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