Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: The Pack in Which I Pull the Urias Short Print!

A quick recap of the first half of the first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter.  Here's some of what I've found so far:
Hits:  Two (Puig & Soler) Relics
Reg. minis:  6
A&G minis:  2
US Mayors minis:  2
Subways & Streetcards minis:  1
Packs without a mini at all:  1

Nothing else super rare so far - but that's going to change in the next pack...

Box 1 - Pack 13:

56.  Carlos Correa
161.  Vinny G
173.  Billy Burns
229.  Mitch Moreland
264.  Xander Bogaerts
281.  Jose Bautista
No Number Base:  Julio Urias

There's the "secret" Urias base card!  As you can see, the front of the card appears to have no name plate (it's there, but it is super faint).  The card is not numbered on the back.

I think it is interesting to note that the card stock for the Urias is totally different than for all the other base cards that I've pulled.  It's printed on a glossier, whiter card stock (and it is super obvious when you put the Urias in a stack with other base cards).  I guess Topps rushed the Urias out the door right before the packs where packed up...

Brooklyn Mini: 22.  Francisco Rodriguez #08/25

Woah!  This pack was loaded!!  The Brooklyn minis are seeded 1:146 packs - and to get one of those in the same pack as the Urias makes me feel a lot better about the earlier pack that was missing a mini!  I don't think I can complain much about this box - and that's without even knowing what the remaining 11 packs hold!

Box 1 - Pack 14:

39.  Paul Goldschmidt
104.  Byron Buxton
175.  Jonathan Schoop
192.  Dennis Eckersley
255.  Nomar Garciaparra
The Numbers Game:  56.  Miguel Cabrera

Baseball Legends:  21.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

Reg. mini:  154.  Ervin Santana

That wasn't a bad pack at all but it's hard to compare to the previous pack!  This was a good way to end a Monday for sure.  I have to say, this has been a great box so far - and with one hit supposedly remaining yet, it has the chance to be an even better box!


night owl said...

Hmmm, maybe those Urias cards aren't that tough of a pull.

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