Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Baseball Card with a Brutal Backhanded Compliment!

While I have spent quite a bit of time busting open Fleer packs (at a rate of about one per day), my main project of late hasn't been cards from 1994...  No, my main project has been to go through all my 1989 cards.  That means, sorting, organizing, and ultimately figuring out which sets to collect and which sets aren't worth my time/energy/money.  You should the spoils of that (long) process on my blog tomorrow if all goes well.

Today?  Let's rip yet another pack out of the 1994 Fleer box.  This has been a fun, nostalgic rip so far - and I'm slowly getting closer to the full set (which is the ultimate goal of the box rip)!

Pack 12:
10.  Alan Mills
23.  Jack Voigt
34.  Greg Harris

You don't often get a blurry umpire in a baseball card photograph.
47.  Bob Zupcic
52.  Gary DiSarcina
86. Ron Karkovice
129.  Travis Fryman
366.  Fred McGriff
436.  Kent Bottenfield
522.  Henry Rodriguez
552.  Tim Spehr

What a brutal, backhanded compliment write-up on this card.  Poor Tim!
578.  Dave Telgheder
692.  Mike Jackson
702.  Billy Swift
League Leader:  9.  Lenny Dykstra

This is the first League Leaders insert to come out of the box.  Of course, if I'm being honest many of the inserts basically look the same (at a quick glance at least).  Still, this is a pretty cool card - and I like the dual image, it certainly evokes a sense of action!


Fuji said...

Lol... I wonder if Mr. Spehr ever bothered to read the back of his 94F trading card.

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