Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do Card Companies "Owe" it to the Players to use Flattering Images?

Earlier today, I ripped open yet another pack out of my 1994 Fleer box.  At that point, I mentioned that I was hoping to speed up the ripping process moving forward.  Well, after an afternoon of getting quite a bit of school work done (finally), I'm ready to reward myself with another two packs out of the box.  Let's hope for something good!

Pack 16:
7.  Tim Hulett 
8.  Ben McDonald
32.  Scott Fletcher

Sometimes I have to wonder why Fleer chose some of the photos that they did.  I mean, could they have found a less flattering image of Fletcher to use?!
44.  John Valentin
50.  Chad Curtis
63.  Torey Lovullo

This one is a "stealth" Rickey Henderson card (and a nice horizontal card to boot)!
83.  Roberto Hernandez
354.  Jeff Blauser
363.  Mark Lemke
432.  Freddie Benavides
500.  Greg Swindell
544.  Brian Looney
570.  Jeff Kent
669.  Pedro Martinez
All-Star:  19. John Olerud

Another Canadian baseball player with the American flag in the background.  

That was so much fun let's rip another!

Pack 17:
2.  Harold Baines
15.  Brad Pennington
26.  Roger Clemens
36.  Bob Melvin
54.  Jim Edmonds
74.  Tim Belcher
249.  Randy Velarde
378.  Mark Wohlers
452.  Bruce Ruffin
479.  David Weathers
534.  Greg Colbrunn

How's that for a relaxed baseball card image?  It's the scattering of images like this throughout the set that makes Fleer 1994 such a winner in my book.  I wouldn't want an entire set of pictures of guys sitting around holding water bottles, but having a few (in a huge set) adds a nice bit of variety.
558.  Bobby Bonilla
617.  Mark Petkovsek
655.  Derek Bell
Prospects:  18.  Chipper Jones

I'm guessing this is one of the best Prospects cards in the set (I haven't consulted the checklist but it seems like a safe bet).  

Both of those packs ended up being quite good!  I'm one pack away from the halfway mark of the box...gotta love 36 pack boxes!!


JediJeff said...

"Yeah - I once caught HOFer Rickey Henderson trying to steal 2nd."

- Torey Lovullo to his kids

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