Friday, July 22, 2016

First Look! 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter is HERE!

You can tell by all my exclamation points that I'm awfully excited about Allen & Ginter - 2016 Edition!  My boxes arrived via UPS about half an hour ago...and I simply couldn't wait to dig into the first box tonight.  Unfortunately for me, I have a couple of softball games shortly so I probably won't get real far into the box...but I can at least get a taste of this year's set.

Since Ginter is brand spanking new, I figured all of you might like to see what I end up with as well!  I ended up going with only a six box order (I didn't have enough cash for a full case this year).  Hopefully I get some good stuff and maybe I'll eventually be able to spring for another box or two.  That's all putting the cart wayyyyy in front of the horse though - let's simply start with the first box!

Box 1:

One of the things that I like about buying hobby boxes of Ginter is the box toppers.  As you can see, my box loader is an oversized card.  Who of?

None other than Pirates' star (but not doing so great this year and I know that because he's on my freaking fantasy team) Andrew McCutchen.  According to the printing on the hobby box, there is a chance of pulling rarer boxloaders including relics (1:111 boxes), autographed (1:185), Auto/Relic (1:1,102), Cut signatures (1:5,288), and Cabinet relics (1:2,644).  I highly doubt I'll get anything rare from my six boxes (well, five now that I've opened up my first boxloader) but you never know.  A guy can hope, right?!

Moving on to the first pack of the 2016 set:

Pack 01:

50.  Daniel Murphy
53.  Logan Forsythe
95.  Jimmy Nelson
130.  Gregory Polanco
233.  Adam Lind
The Numbers Game:  42.  Roberto Alomar

Natural Wonders:  7.  Natural Bridge

Reg. mini:  278.  Madison Bumgarner

Alright, that's the first pack!

My initial thoughts:

  • Different card stock, a bit more old timey than usual
  • The gold bordered on the Natural Wonders insert is jarring (and not in a good way)
  • The Numbers Game cards have a lot of numbers on them - I could see an interesting blog series based on the cards.
  • The color splotches on the base cards have a weird filter effect applied to them.  I'm undecided on how I feel about that right now.

Now, while I have your attention - please keep me in mind for all mini (and regular) inserts that you might pull from this set!  I plan to complete all the various insert sets and I'll definitely need your help.  I'm always willing to trade - and I am sure I'll end up with some more trade bait out of the various boxes (including most of the regular minis - I don't plan on trying for the mini base set this year).

I'm curious to know what all of you think of this year's edition of Allen & Ginter.  It's always a set that I look forward to - here's hoping there are some cool surprising lurking in my boxes!  I will, of course, have plenty more Ginter over the next few days...but for now, I must go get ready to play softball in this uncommon 90+ degree PA weather!


Community Gum said...

Good luck on your boxes! Not a fan of the TV scan lines in the backgrounds. They did that with Finest this year too. Yeesh

Tony Burbs said...

The set itself is pretty meh to me. However, that wrapper is a piece of art - it really makes me pine for a card set revolving around 19th century baseball. That's probably to niche-y though.

Admin said...

I would like to be first in line for whatever dupes you pull of Jessica Mendoza and Monica Abbott, please, sir.

Greg Zakwin said...

If you pull any amazing Corey Seager cards I'll gladly trade you for them!

xavier higgins said...

Opened a box of this yesterday, as well, and would be glad to trade my inserts and a couple of the mini-inserts I pulled. The base set of Allen & Ginter is mediocre at best, the obscure subjects that make up the checklist being the highlight. On the other hand a hobby box of Ginter is chockfull of dank rectangular treasures. In addition to the three guaranteed hits I pulled a bonus mini Brooklyn back hand numbered to 25. Of course one of my hits was a relic of some modern sports journalist I'd never heard of, so that balances the scales, somewhat. My other two hits were solid, with a bat relic of Jose Abreu and framed autograph mini of Greg Bird that is straight bangers in hand. Overall I give the product a solid B grade.

Sport Card Collectors said...

Looking forward to the next post!

Billy Kingsley said...

I am seriously considering getting a box simply hoping I could pull an Ancient Rome relic.

boots~ said...

I have a case coming in the mail so I should be able to help you out this year! BTW - Who did you order your boxes from? My eBay seller is telling me he's not getting his shipment until the 29th.

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