Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ginter 2016: A Nice Griffey, Jr. and My First Hit of the Box!

I'm back with another pair of packs out of my first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter.  So far, I've found a single mini insert but nothing else of (major) note.  Will that change tonight?

Box 1 - Pack 5:

54.  Jose Abreu
152.  Gary Sanchez
172.  Joe Morgan
219.  Delino DeShields
240.  Robert Raiola
I (obviously) like the Joe Morgan card, though I wouldn't mind if Topps would include other Reds' legends besides the usual suspects once in awhile.  
333. Shin-Soo Choo

The one nice thing about short prints in Ginter is that they aren't really that hard to find (seeded 1:2 packs).  
Baseball Legends:  19.  Ken Grifey, Jr.

I'm always happy to add a new Griffey, Jr. card to my collection - even if he is featured as a Mariner instead of a Red.  That's a nice looking card - and my easy favorite from the pack!  It's even better since today was the day that Griffey was inducted into the Hall of Fame!
A&G back mini:  129.  Zack Greinke

Is anyone collecting the A&G back minis this year?  Let me know if you are.

Box 1 - Pack 6:

20.  Michael Pineda
24.  Max Kepler
123.  Alex Cobb
266.  Anthony Rendon
Numbers Game:  13.  Max Scherzer

Regular mini:  18.  Kolton Wong

Relic:  JSO.  Jorge Soler

There's the first (of three) promised hits of the box!  I guess I could do a lot worse than a Soler relic, even though it doesn't really interest me that much.  As always, I prefer the "weird" Ginter relics over the regular bits of cloth - but I haven't studied the checklist yet this year to even see if there are relics such as bits of candle wicks, bowling balls, or dominoes like in years past.


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