Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy 4th of July: My Annual Summer Report!

The 4th of July is usually a time for me to take stock of my summer plans.  It's a good measuring stick for what I've managed to accomplish...and what I still need to get done before the summer is out.  As a professor, summer is a vital time for class preparation, plus the usual stuff that needs to get down around the house!

Two years ago, I was working on some woodworking projects including a table (that I still use while grilling to this day).  Last year, the major project was at my college:  they were building the brand new Math Center which I now direct.

This year, my major woodworking project was to build an actual workbench in my garage (my old house had a great work space in the garage but my new place required me to design and build my own space).  I'm also in the final stages of finishing up our basement (aka the Man Cave).  My other major projects this summer are to complete all the lessons/homework/exams for Calculus III, a course that I've never taught before as well as hopefully making solid progress on my History of Mathematics course that I'll be offering for the first time ever in the coming spring semester.  Busy times all around!

On a much more minor scale, I'm also in the midst of making my way through my box of 1994 Fleer - with the long term goal of collecting the entire set!  Since it's a holiday today, let's put off doing "real" work and focus on baseball cards instead!

Pack 6:
170.  Jeff Montgomery
217.  Kirby Puckett
251.  Bernie Williams
277.  Bobby Witt
313.  Rafael Palmeiro
336.  Randy Knorr

391.  Mike Morgan
407.  Jacob Brumfield
417.  Hal Morris

523.  Mike Sharperson
632.  Lee Guetterman
637.  Rob Murphy
678.  Wally Whitehurst
720.  Checklist
Pro-Visions:  3.  Matt Williams

I had never seen one of the Pro-Vision cards.  Apparently, if you have the entire 9-card Pro-Visions set they all form a mural of sorts when placed in a binder page.  I always liked ideas like that - you know, stuff that caters to the set collector!  I'll hold off on deciding whether to keep or trade this card based on how many other Pro-Vision cards I pull from my box.  Baseballcardpedia says the odds are 1:12 packs which if that is true means I'll only get two more...


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