Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Love Cards that Remind Me of Summer!

I recently opened up pack #26 from my 1994 Fleer baseball box over at A Pack to be Named Later.  Here are the highlights of the next four packs after that!

Packs 27 - 30:

First, my four favorite base cards out of the packs beginning with this pre-steroid Jose Canseco.

From there, we move on to a pair of Superstar Specials.

The Braves' card is called "Brave New World" while the Dodgers' card is called "Back to Back."  Frankly the Brave New World title is more interesting but the Dodgers are deserving of some credit for back to back Rookie of the Year winners!

And we end the base card portion of the post with my favorite:

That's a very young Brett Boone during spring training.  You can see all the ads on the outfield fence...and the colors simply scream "summertime."  Love it!

Moving on to the inserts, we landed another pair of patriotic All Star cards.  These aren't exactly special at this point (they seem to fall 1:2 packs) but at least they are new to the box.

We also got another Team Leaders card, this one of the Rockies.

The purple on that card is distracting to me for some reason...

...and finally, speaking of distracting!

Could this be where Fleer got the idea for its 1995 baseball card set?

Only a few packs remain in the box...I will get through this box by the end of the week!


Brett Alan said...

When did Bret Boone ever spell his first name the way it should be spelled? B^)

Nachos Grande said...

I wondered that too when I saw the card - but then I didn't think to actually write about it... I should have checked the backside of the card to see how it was spelled there!

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