Sunday, July 03, 2016

Oh You Know, Just Sittin' Around, Waitin' for the Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!  I would imagine many of you had picnics yesterday while others probably have them scheduled for later today.  I, for one, actually will be having a family reunion on the 4th itself - an event that I always look forward to.

Another thing that I look forward to is ripping open packs of baseball cards - something that I've slowly been doing for this past week as I go through my 1994 Fleer box.  This is the fifth pack out of the box.

Pack 5:
206.  Brian Harper
222.  Carl Willis
267.  Scott Lydy

300.  Dave Valle
319.  Ivan Rodriguez

348.  Devon White
371.  Bill Pecota
397.  Bob Scanlin
428.  Scott Service
508.  Omar Daal
567.  Darrin Jackson
573.  Eddie Murray
650.  Tracy Woodson
712.  Twin Peaks (Puckett & Knoblauch)
All-Star:  12.  Randy Johnson

It's fitting to get another patriotic All-Star card on 4th of July weekend!  


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