Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Farting Pitcher Picture.

My 1994 Fleer box is almost empty - only six packs remain.  I've decided to split up the remaining six packs into two final posts...which should be just about enough to get us to Allen & Ginter season!  As with the last few Fleer posts, I'm only going to showcase the highlights from the packs...and once the box is done I'll be able to sort everything and then update my want list with what I still need (which is going to be quite a bit unfortunately)!

Packs 31 - 33:

One of the fun things about 1994 Fleer is the photography.  There are some true gems in the set (though they aren't as common as in sets like 1993 Upper Deck) but there are also some real interesting "anti-gems" such as this one of Bill Wegman (presumably) farting.

Another fun thing about ripping "old wax" is the chance to pull superstars from yesteryear.  In the case of 1994 Fleer, that includes gems such as Nolan Ryan and Mark McGwire, both of which I managed to pull in the current trio of packs!

As you probably know by now, every pack of 1994 Fleer comes with a single insert (which feels much, much better than Topps' current base set practice of putting in tons of inserts into every pack).  Anyhow, the inserts weren't anything overly great this time around - two more All-Star cards (with the flag background these all start to look the same).

Finally, the third insert was another Prospects card - this time of Jeff McNeely.  I don't think there's a large market for McNeely cards these days...

That's it for this post - only one more batch of packs to open and then the box will be complete!  I hope you've enjoyed this tour through a box from yesteryear!


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