Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Joys of "Junk Wax": Rediscovering Forgotten Players.

I certainly hope you aren't sick of 1994 Fleer because I have a big box of it sitting on my desk waiting for me to rip open!  Today, we dip into the ninth pack out of the box.

Pack 9:
22.  Fernando Valenzuela

41.  Jeff Russell
81.  Craig Grebeck
90.  Warren Newson
100.  Albert Belle
133.  Chris Gomez
194.  Jose Valentin
377.  Tony Tarasco
401.  Rick Wilkins
513.  Orel Hershiser
521.  Jody Reed
627.  Luis Alicea

636.  Ray Lankford
677.  Guillermo Velasquez
All-Star:  14.  Mark Langston

One of the joys of opening older packs like this is rediscovering players you've forgotten about.  For me, Langston fits that bill perfectly.  The guy was an All-Star, but I completely forgot about him!  Sorry Mark.  As for the rest of the pack, I either forgot or never knew that Fernando played for the Orioles.  I also had to scan a dirty Cardinal because I liked the bunting shot, even if it is a Cardinal (hopefully he made an out on the play).


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