Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Vote for Pedro (More 1994 Fleer)

I'm still (slowly) working my way through my 1994 Fleer box.  I had high hopes of getting close to the full base set based on this one box...but last pack had a bunch of duplicates - a trend that continues with this pack unfortunately.  It's not a good sign of things to come, is it?

Pack 7:
94.  Steve Sax
139.  Scott Livingstone
184.  Angel Miranda
275.  Todd Van Poppel
308.  Tom Henke
334.  Rickey Henderson
370.  Greg Olson
403.  Eric Yelding
408.  Tim Costo
507.  Tom Candiotti
515.  Pedro Martinez

579.  Ryan Thompson
628.  Rene Arocha
711.  Batmen (Butler & Gwynn)
All-Star:  13.  Jimmy Key

As I said in the post preamble, lots of duplicates in that pack.  I'm hoping it is an aberration and not a sign of what the rest of the box will look like.  On a more interesting note, this pack did produce the first card numbered 1 - 99 in the box...took me 7 packs to find one!


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Great looking Jimmy Key!

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