Wednesday, July 06, 2016

What Kind of Sorcery Magic is This?!

Today, I'm going to open pack #8 from my 1994 Fleer box.  I've enjoyed the rip so far (other than the duplicates from the past couple of packs).  Let's hope I can avoid duplicates for awhile as I continue to make progress on my base set!

Pack 8:
13.  Gregg Olson
43.  Aaron Sele
59.  Hilly Hathaway
69.  Tim Salmon

Fleer's poster boy makes an appearance finally.
92.  Scott Radinksky
111.  Kenny Lofton
125.  Milt Cuyler
389.  Derrick May
400.  Jose Vizcaino
405.  Jeff Branson
427.  Reggie Sanders
572.  Jeff McKnight

McKnight does NOT look like a ballplayer to me.  Heck, he would look out of place on a beer league softball team!
631.  Bernard Gilkey
647.  Bob Tewksbury
Pro-Vision:  5.  Ozzie Smith

I've never seen this card before...and it's one-of-kind for sure!  How about a little wizardry with your baseball cards, kids?


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