Saturday, July 02, 2016

When I Say "Failed Prospect" Who Comes to Your Mind First?

Yesterday, I showed off some of my spoils from Tribe Cards' recent giveaway.  Today, I return to the 1994 Fleer box to see what cards I can pull for myself!  This is the fourth pack out of the box.

Pack 4:
170.  Jeff Montgomery
262.  Goose Gossage
275.  Todd Van Poppel

Probably the one name that most of us early 90s kids think of when someone mentions "failed prospects."  That must suck for Van Poppel.  Then again, the guy did make the Major Leagues which is more than I'll ever do in my lifetime.
308.  Tom Henke
334.  Rickey Henderson
384.  Jose Guzman
409.  Rob Dibble
418.  Joe Oliver

That's a lot of concentration on Oliver's face, either that or he has gas.
516.  Ramon Martinez
524.  Cory Snyder
629.  Rod Brewer
638.  Omar Olivares
710.  Lone Star Lumber
711.  Batmen

The last two cards are both Superstar Specials subset cards - Lone Star Lumber features Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez) but I preferred that cleverly (?) named Batmen card instead!
Major League Prospects:  20.  Mike Kelly

My third Major League Prospects insert card (in only four packs).  No matter how many I pull, I'm still not planning on completing the set so this one (along with the other two) are available for trade!

All in all, that was a great pack!  I ended up having to make some tough choices as to which cards to scan - a good problem to have!

What I want to know though, is who comes to your mind first when you hear the phrase "failed prospect"?  Let me know via the comments!


West Roxbury Animal Hospital Hospital said...

Van Poppel had an 11 year MLB career, not up to the expectations he had as a prospect but most certainly above the average. Hardly a failure

Metallattorney said...

Personally Brien Taylor is the one I think of. That 1992 Topps rookie card was massively popular at the time.

P-town Tom said...

Um, the Cubs had plenty of failed prospects in the last twenty years... the big ones are Corey Patterson (didn't live up to the billing, but did play parts of twelve seasons in MLB), Bobby Hill and Felix Pie.

Need More Cardboard said...

Some good answers already that are names I thought of. A good current day choice I think would be Mark Appel, aka "the guy the Astros thought was a better draft choice than Kris Bryant."

David in the north said...

Ruben Rivera. He eventually found a home in the Mexican League, but his fall from the prospect heights was fiery, including the time the Yankees cut him after he stole Jeter's glove.

Fuji said...

Nice call on Van Poppel. I've written at least one or two posts about this guy.

cynicalbuddha said...

Greg Jefferies anyone?

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