Saturday, August 06, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 10 (Subways and Yankees)

Through the first nine packs, I've averaged a bit over three points per pack.  At that rate, I'll finish with 72 points...that's no good at all (or at least I can't imagine that that would be a good score).

Box total so far:  32 points

Pack 10:

47.  Corey Dickerson
61.  Miguel Cabrera
106.  Steve Spurrier (-1 for being unliked by the commish)
176.  Neil Walker
199.  Carlton Fisk
324.  Rob Refsnyder (-1 Yankee, even though he's a short print)
Baseball Legends:  3.  Babe Ruth (+2 Legend, -1 Yankee = +1 point)
Subways & Streetcards:  1.  7 Train  (+2 points for being my first mini insert in the box!)

Pack total:  1 point
Box total so far:  33 points
Yankees so far:  8  

Oof.  After the back-to-back 9 point packs, I've scored 1, 1, 3, 1, and now 1 on subsequent packs.  That's more than awful.  I've also now accumulated 8 Yankees through 10 packs in the box...also no good.  In fact, my box score would be 43 points if it weren't for all the Yankee penalties - still not great but certainly within range of 100 points if that were the case.

As it stands, I'm looking to be lucky to get to 80 points...  As I said.  Oof.


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