Sunday, August 07, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 14 (We Find Hit #2)

The last Gint-a-Cuffs pack that I opened up was worth four points...and that felt like a monster pack after the crappy run of packs that I had been suffering through.  I think this pack will help keep us in the positive numbers as well because it holds hit #2.

Box total so far:  37

Pack 14:

67.  Melky Cabrera
100.  Rob Refsnyder (-1 Yankee.  Why does this guy have two base cards in the set - the other being a short print which I also pulled in this box?!)
145.  Mike Greenberg (+1, finally a non-penalty non-baseball card)
227.  Timothy Busfield
Numbers Game:  Clayton Kershaw  (+2 favorite player list)
Reg. mini:  68.  Dexter Fowler
Relic:  FSRA-YM.  Yadier Molina  (+5 points for having a bit of cloth in the card)
Pack total:  7 points
Box total so far:  44 points
Yankees so far:  10

Well, it would have been better if someone had picked Molina as a favorite player, but still, I'll take 7 points!  I'm still off the pace of 100 points...but if I can get a few more nice packs like this I could make a run for the century mark yet!


JediJeff said...

FYI: recheck the rules and your scoring. The Commissioner made a change regarding the Numbers Game inserts.

B Man said...

Dang you have a Red (bird) touch to you ! Molina, Wano, and Piscotty!

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