Monday, August 08, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 15 (Mini Myers Leads the Way)

I found the second hit of the box last night...and that brought my box score up to 44 points.  It's still a far cry from 100, but at least I've gained a total of 11 points over the past two packs.  Let's hope the high positive scores continue from here on out!

Box total so far:  44 points

Pack 15:

35.  Jayson Werth
48.  J.T. Realmuto
196.  Josh Reddick
203.  Ernie Johnson
241.  Orlando Jones
Baseball Legends:  20.  Willie Stargell  (+2 points)
Numbers Game:  20.  George Springer
Reg. mini:  345.  Wil Myers (+3 mini short print)
Pack total:  5 points
Box total so far:  49 points

At this point, getting 5 points for a non-hit-containing pack is a good thing!  For my money, the Baseball Legends cards are pretty nice...but they feel unnecessary in Allen & Ginter.  I'd prefer more oddities at the full-size level rather than more of the same legends printed over and over.


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