Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Want to Raid Your 2016 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box!

As the post title suggests, I like to raid people's 2016 Allen & Ginter hobby boxes!  More specifically, I like to try and trade for all of the "unwanted" cards that people end up with - especially those pesky boxloaders and mini inserts (many of which I still need)!

Recently, I had the chance to raid Adam's hobby box (from Addiction as Therapy).  I was able to hook Adam up with a bunch of base cards he needed from Ginter - and in return he helped me out with some of my insert a boxloader of David Ortiz.

I've grown somewhat tired of the same ol' boxloaders from Ginter...which means I was pleasantly surprised by this year's box toppers.  Oh sure, it's still the same usual set of players featured - but I believe this year's design is a bit more inspired than normal (I particularly like the two mini cards featured on each boxloader - one current mini and one from a previous year).

Moving on to the other cards from Adam, I was able to inch closer to the 100 card The Numbers Game insert set thanks to nine cards that Adam sent my way.  Of the nine, my favorite was easily this Frank Thomas.

According to the card back, other White Sox greats to wear #35 included Joe Haynes, Saul Rogovin, and Bob Shaw.  I'm going to show my lack of knowledge about all things baseball by admitting to all of you that I don't know anything about any of the three mentioned players (other than the fact that they were all #35 of course).

As a mathematician, I need to give Topps credit for having an insert set based on numbers...even if uniform number is about as superficially mathy as you can get!  There are a bunch of numbers on the card backs though - in fact, that Frank Thomas card that I scanned has 14 numbers on it (not counting any of the fine print at the bottom of the card).

Now that I scared off half of my viewers with a bit of mathematical discussion, let's move on to the rest of the cards from Adam - all of which were of the miniature variety.

Adam sent me a single Laureates of Peace card - this one being of Malala Yousafzai.

I happened to catch a few of the Stephen Colbert episodes where he had Malala on as a guest (or maybe it was Jon Stewart).  Either way, Malala is a true saint in every sense of the word...and she's way stronger than I think I could ever be!  If you don't know her story, she was shot in the head at age 15 because of her activism in Pakistan.  She obviously recovered and now she is an international icon and champion of female education efforts.  Truly an amazing woman.

Moving on from a tragic story turned wonderful to more "simple" folks...some US Mayors.

According to the card backs, Betsy Hodges met with the Pope in 2015, Steven Fulop left his investment banker job to join the marines, Carolyn Goodman once briefly lived on food stamps to bring attention to a local food bank's fight against hunger, and Greg Fischer was the only mayor in 2013 to be honored by Governing Magazine as a "Public Official of the Year."  I'll let you choose which point of distinction is most worthy of getting a mini baseball card in Allen & Ginter!

Many thanks for the great cards Adam - and of course, if anyone else would like to trade all you need to do is check out my want list and make an offer.  Also, if you need some 2016 Allen & Ginter, I still have quite a bit available for trade!


J. Meeks said...

Chris -

I have some cards for you. First, I pulled a Votto full-sized relic, so that will be coming your way. From you '16 A&G want list, I have the Tulo box loader, Numbers Game # 26, Laureates # 10, Mayors #s 9, 13 and 26, and Subways #7.

I also checked your other want lists. From '15 Stadium Club, I have 51, 91, 118, 139, 205, and 211. Email me at judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com with your addy and I will drop them in the mail ASAP. I haven't sorted my A&G yet, so I'm not quite certain what I need, but I'm happy to trade 1-for-1.

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