Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Retail Ginter: A Blaster's Worth of Cards!

Earlier today, I showed off the first part of my retail "haul."  I grabbed a blaster and a pair of rack packs and I opened the rack packs up first.  Now, it's time for the blaster!

I won't be going through the blaster pack-by-pack, but rather, I'll show off the coolest stuff from within, beginning with this retail only full-sized insert of the Tiger from the Mascots in the Wild set.

As someone who generally buys hobby boxes only, I kind of hate retail only inserts...especially in Ginter.  Unfortunately, I can understand the economics of why Topps does that and I highly doubt it'll ever change...and so, I'll probably be relying on trades for the rest of this set!

As for the base cards, I ended up with a bunch including 4 short prints.  The rest of the inserts weren't anything special - but I did get a pair of A&G back mini cards (1;5 packs).

I also got black bordered mini (1:10 packs)...

...and the best card of the box?

A Brooklyn mini of Bryce Harper - numbered 13/25.

The Brooklyn minis are tough pulls in all the various ways that you can buy Ginter.  In retail blaster boxes, they are seeded 1:194 packs!

No hits, no mini inserts, but with the Harper #/25, I can't really complain, now can I?

So which is the best way to go when buying Ginter?

I still think hobby boxes are your best bet.  Yes, you can find some cool stuff in retail (like the Harper) - and yes, retail is cheaper...but hobby boxes are less of a gamble (you know you'll get three hits) - and they can't be searched like retail packs can (one of my rack pack cards had a bit of damage on the side from presumably a pack searcher).


JayP said...

Trade for the Harper mini??

Nachos Grande said...

I'm willing to trade, otherwise it'll end up on eBay. Shoot me an email with what you might have in return!

Community Gum said...

Dang!! That's incredible luck. Congrats

Colbey Hopper said...

I *still* cannot find any retail A&G in my parts. Getting ready to order a hobby box as I'm tired of hunting and finding zilch.

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