Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Retail Ginter: How Does It Stack Up?

I found myself in Wal*Mart over the weekend and so I had to take a peek at their (meager) card "aisle."  I say "aisle" in quotes because there really is only a single shelf dedicated to baseball cards, another for football, and then the rest is all Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, and other things that I know nothing about.

Anyhow, I managed to snag the last blaster box of 2016 Allen & Ginter - and for good measure I grabbed a pair of rack packs that loudly proclaimed "more value" in bright red on them.

So, how does retail Ginter compare?

The total cost of my haul was a bit over $30.00 - or a bit less than half of the cost of a hobby box (if you shop around).  Of course, in a hobby box you are sure to get three hits, plus a boxloader.  In addition, many of the best hits are hobby box exclusives (such as the rip cards).

On the other hand, retail Ginter is so much easier to get (if you can find it) and the joy is immediate rather than having to wait for the mail!

Without any further delay, let's see how I did!

Rack Pack #1:

The first rack pack had 9 base cards, 1 base short print (Randal Grichuk), 1 Baseball Legends, 1 Numbers Game, and 2 minis (a regular back mini of Joey Votto (!) and a US Mayors card of Marty Walsh).

All things considered, that's not bad for $6.00 I guess.  I was certainly happy to land another mini insert for my set - and the Votto mini is a keeper as well!

Rack Pack #2:

The second rack pack had a similar card breakdown as the first - another 9 base cards, a base short print (Rob Refsnyder), 1 Baseball Legends, 1 Numbers Game, and 2 minis (a regular back mini of Michael Wacha and a Ferocious Felines mini of the Jaguar).

Between the two rack packs, I'd have to give the edge to the first one though the Ferocious Felines are seeded 1:15 rack packs versus the much more common 1:7 US Mayors minis.  All things considered, I'm happy to land a pair of mini inserts that I needed - even if I didn't find any hits!

Next time, I'll bust open the blaster and see how that compares to the rack packs and the hobby boxes.  Stay tuned for more Ginter!


Tim B. said...

Not bad. Love the Refsnyder SP. I haven't been lucky enough to find any Ginter in my local retail stores yet.

night owl said...

As you know, I pulled a Carew relic out of my blaster. I'm sure that would beat the pants off of a lot of hobby box pulls.

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