Friday, August 19, 2016

What Doth Tewksbury and Lewis Hide?

Before I get to today's blog entry, I wanted to draw your attention to my 2016 Allen & Ginter TRADE BAIT page.  I was finally able to get the list completed last night - and I'd love to work out some trades ASAP!

I now return you to my original blog entry.  Enjoy.

This week, I bought one of my most wanted cards from 2016 Allen & Ginter from eBay...and it arrived "wrapped" in a pair of junk wax cards - Bob Tweksbury rocking 1992 Score and Darren Lewis stuck in a green purgatory in 1990 Bowman.

So what card did I want the most?

If you looked at the 2016 Allen & Ginter relic checklist, the result of my purchase shouldn't be even remotely surprising:

That's a beautiful framed relic card of my favorite player.  And yes, I'm loving that Topps continues to give Barry Larkin some love in its modern sets - and I especially love the fact that Larkin gets a framed relic rather than one of the full-sized (and vastly inferior) relic versions that Allen & Ginter is now littered with.

I will, of course, eventually feature that Larkin card in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection (where I'll have plenty more to say about the card I'm sure).  For now though, perhaps you have some other Allen & Ginter wants that I'm looking's my want list!


CaptKirk42 said...

I love it when sellers bookend or "wrap" the cards I bought with "junk wax" cards. A lot of the time I don't have the cards they used. Sometimes I do but since I have very few full sets of any year of any set, I can usually use them.

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